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I believe Microbiology a fascinating science of hidden microbial world. This unique science can bring prosperity and well being to human being relieving of plight from poverty to illness. I strive to bring these benefit to the common man.

Personal information

Date of birth 10 December 1960
Place of birth Dhinoj (Mahesana)
Citizenship India
Gender Male
Marital status Married.

Profile information

  • First name: Pradip
  • Last name: Acharya
  • Town: Ahmedabad
  • Official website address: http://gscitech.ac.in
  • City/region: Ahmedabad
  • Occupation: Professor
  • Industry: Education

Employment history

1.coordinator/lecturer Registrar,Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad
1985/7/16 - 1993/10/30
Associate professor Registrar,Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad
1993/11/1 - 2017/11/30

As a faculty I am teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Biotechnology. I also provide guidance to students in their research projects.


Certifications, accreditations and awards

Organized by the Department of Computer Science and USIC, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad.

Organized by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Department of Education, Government of Gujarat.

2nd national conference, CTBS-2017, organized by Department of Biosciences, S.P.University in association with GSBTM

Organized by K.K.Shastri Educational Campus,Government science college,Khokhra,Ahmedabad 380008, Gujarat.

Organized by Department of Chemical Engineering, University Institute of Chemical Technology, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (MS)


Books and publications

Lignocellulose and lignocellulases in industrial microbial enzymes

current World Environment. vol. 10(1), 285-287.

International Journal of Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology

International Journal of current research and academic review. 2(1), 70-73.

International journal of current research and academic review. 2(11), 66-69.

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Education history

Master of Philosophy has been completed in service.

Ph.D. degree has been carried out during in service time. It was related to bio gas technology for thesis 'Biogas production for rural development'.


Academic skills

Innovative model creations regarding renewable energy production through anaerobic technology.


Work skills

- Purification of biogas with chemical scrubber.

- Establishment of biogas and compost plant at various applicable fields including farms, hotels,institutions and at individual level.


Personal skills

Good communication skill, convincing ability, and teaching methodology.



Application of the knowledge for the betterment of mankind regarding composting, biogas technology and wastewater treatment and the establishment of biogas plant, waste water treatment methods and composting plants at individual and community level at large scale.


Personal goals

Application of knowledge regarding the anaerobic bacteria for the betterment of mankind


Career goals

To be a good teacher and an innovator in the field of anaerobic digestion technology.


Academic goals

To know the various kind of diversities among microorganisms.


Professional memberships

as member of Gujarat Biodiversity Board action plant for the year 2016