Dr Bhupesh N Yagnik
M.Sc., NET, Ph.D., P.G.D.M., G.D.C.& A.

Associate Professor
Interest areas: Enzymes, Fungal Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Biodegradation, Lignin, Proteomics
Email: yagnikbn@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/yagnikbn
Dr Pradip B Acharya
M.Sc. (Microbiol), M.Phil., Ph.D.

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Methanogenesis, Biogas technol, Lignocellulosics, Medicinal plants
Email: pradipacharyagvp@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/pradipacharyagvp
Chirag N Shah
B.Sc. (Bioch), M.Sc. (Environ Sc), M.Phil.

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Environmental Science, Laws, Planning
Email: chiragrock2585@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/chiragrock2585
Purvi N Jain
B.Sc. (Env Sc), M.Sc. (Env Sc)

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Biodegradation of Dyes, Solid-waste Management
Email: jainpurvi681993@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/jainpurvi681993
Sulochana S Jain
B.Sc. (Env Sc), M.Sc. (Env Sc)

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Planktons, Water analysis, Soil chemistry
Email: jainsulochana0004@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/jainsulochana0004
Dipali S Adhav
B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Org Chem)

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Separation techniques, HPLC, Gas-liquid Chromatography
Email: dipaliadhav1984@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/dipaliadhav1984
Nilam Chile
B.E.(CSE), M.B.A. (HR Sys Man)

Faculty Member
Interest areas: Apache, WAMP, SQl, Java, PHP
Email: chilenilam@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/chilenilam
Harsha D Vaghasiya
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Biotechnol), NET

Lab Administrator
Interest areas: Mole Biol, Cellulase, Dairy Microbiology
Email: harshavaghasia1@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/harshavaghasia1
Pal N Patel
B.A., M.A. (English)

Faculty Member, ELL
Interest areas: Classical and Modern Literature
Email: palpatel2309@gmail.com
Mahara Link: gscitech.ac.in/mahara/palpatel2309