Dr. Keshavram Kashiram Shastri (Bambhania) (28-07-1905 to 09-09-2006)

Keshavram Kashiram Shastri was born on 28 July 1905 at Mangrol in Junagadh district of Gujarat. K. K. Shastri completed matriculation from Mumbai University in 1922. He started his career in teaching as an assistant teacher of Sanskrit at Coronation High School in 1925. He worked with Gujarat Vernacular Society and Gujarat Assembly in 1937. He joined L.D. Institute of Learning and Research in 1958. He also worked as an honorary lecturer of Gujarati at the B. J. Institute of Learning and Research. He was an associate professor of Sanskrit and Gujarati at the B. D. Womens' College. He joined the Gujarat Research Society in 1961 as the honorary Regulator. He guided more than 19 researchers in completing their Ph. D degrees and more than 1500 other graduate students in Gujarati literature. He was regarded as a mobile dictionary of Gujarati language, grammar as well as Vedic literature. Besides 240 books to his credit, he has written over 1500 research papers in Gujarati, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. He was conferred Padmashri in 1976 recognizing his talent and outstanding services to the Gujarati literature.

Dr. K K Shastri Shmurtikaksh Inauguration

A rich collection of awards, medals, books and personal belongings of Shastriji was donated to this college treasured in to a museum inaugurated on 05-Jun-2011. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat unveiled the museum in the auspicious presence of ministerial colleagues, reminds visitors of a learned personality who devoted his entire life after the worship of knowledge.


  • General and Research articles (more than 1500)
  • Books (More than 240)
  • Roop-rachana, 1952 (Lectures of Tha. Vasanji Madhavaji)
  • Gujarati Bhasha Tatva (3), SP University
  • Bharat Natya-shastra (7) and Bhan (3), MS University
  • Madhykalion Gujarti Bhakti-sahitya (3), Saurashtra University
  • Brihad Gujarati Kosh Volume I and II
  • Vanaushadhi Kosh (Ten language )
  • Vanaushadhi (in 10 langauges including Latin and English)
  • Gujarati Bhashashastra, Bhasha, Grammar and Madhyakalin Gujarati Literature
  • Shatasloki Geeta (International compilation in Sanskrit)
  • Jaysamhita 8,800 Stanza (International compilation in Sanskrit)
  • Bharatsamhita 24000 Stanza (International compilation in Sanskrit)
  • Bhagwat Mahapuran, Concise Edition (Sanskrit Skandha 9-12) and Independent epilogue
  • Bhagwat Mahapuran (With coments on Shridhar Shmivallabhacharyaji Vijaydhwaj and Veer Raghav, Samvant 1182)
  • Co-editor, Urdu-Gujarati Dictionary
  • Co-editor, Sindhi-Gujarati Dictionary (Unpublished)
  • Kaul-parajya ane 9 Monoacts
  • Ajey Gaurishikhar ane 10 Monoacts
  • Khandan Lohi ane 10 Monoacts
  • Sahakarma Small act
  • Compilation on 1982 visit to America: Amerika na adim vasahatio, Bharatiy Americano, Maya Inca of aztek peru

Professional Career:

  • Shastri, Sanskrit Pathshala, Mangrol, 1924-1935
  • Asst Teacher, Coronation High School, Mangrol, 1925-1935
  • Asst Editor, Prajabandhu, 1936-1937
  • Researcher, Gujarat Vernacular Society (Now Gujarat Vidhyasabha), 1937, 1939
  • Post-graduate Teacher, 1939 onwards
  • Curator, Gujarat Vernacular Society, 1943-1958
  • Research and Teaching L DL Vidhyabhawan, 1958-1961
  • Honorary Teacher Balabhai Damodar Womens College, 1961-1970
  • Honorary Teacher B J Research Centre, 1958 onwards
  • Honorary Director, Gujarat Research Society, Ahmedabad, 1961 onwards


  • Matric, Mumbai University, 1922
  • Vidya-vachaspati (Sanskrit), 1966
  • Padmashri (Government of India), 1976
  • Mahamahimopadhyay, 1977 and 1983
  • Doctor of Letters (Saurashtra University), 1992
  • Vishwa-Gurjari (Ahmedabad), 1986
  • Bharat-Martand (Sanskrit Sahitya Academy), 2003
  • Platinum Award (London), 2004

Medals Awarded:

  • Ranjitram Swarnachandrak (Gujarati Sahitya Sabha)
  • Gokani Swarnachandrak (Gujarat Itihas Parishad)
  • Pitalchandrak (Gujarat Research Society, Mumbai)
  • Swarnachandrak (Nadiad Pushtimargi Library)