1. Aspire to earn reputation as a center for excellence in the state for imparting higher education in the diverse faculties.
  2. Endeavor to inculcate a vision among its students in pursuit of higher education not merely for fulfillment of individual accomplishment, but also with a concern of the overall development of Gujarat and the nation.
  3. Strive to train and create a skilled workforce fully prepared to meet the global competitiveness in taking up the bigger challenges.
  4. Focus the education in science by giving special emphasis to biology keeping high ideal and exploring the secrets of the nature to serve thereby a mankind to provide every comforts of life.
  5. Establish a firm base of awareness of the cutting-edge levels in every walk of life, and to propagate the knowledge on latest scientific know-how in the state.


  1. Provide quality higher education in wide ranging area accompanied by extra mural and outreach activities with a sense of completeness.
  2. Provide flexibility in the courses, adapting to innovative methods in learning approach to equip youth to face the future as a responsible citizens of an evolved society.
  3. Development of the environment where academic and research pursuit can be nurtured to enable youth to attain optimal levels of academic excellence and professional competence
  4. Endeavor for concerted linkages with industry, research laboratories professional bodies and statutory organizations for the mutual benefit in provide quality service.
  5. Adequate opportunity for the development by means of training and research to students, staff, and faculties.

Logo Description


The logo to identify the entire educational campus is a creative work of Dr B N Yagnik, that was adapted on the inauguration of the new building on 19-MAY-2006. A multicolor symbol approved at the united principals meeting on the auspicious day signifies the course covering several disciplines. The logo depicts the Sun in the center denoting a bright spot of knowledge. A helical chain of DNA, the genetic material for life, signifies the complexities underlying the knowledge. A yellow circle covering the knowledge connotes the institute as a boundary learning zone carrying out 'Unwinding Knowledge'. A replication process over a partly opened thread of life in the picture, symbolizes the dissemination of knowledge. A tiny pair of dot is to inspire the faculty, expected to strive for catalyzing the learning process. The symbol has also been viewed as a nucleus in the center with two electrons revolving around it. This connotes for the cutting-edge knowledge base and relentless energy expected from the students in making learning efforts. A concise caption 'Karmayogo Vishishyate' is an excerpt from the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita chapter 15 to emphasize, that nothing is better than sheer hard work.